Aston Alliance Consortium manages "Central Euro-Asian Depository" – a reliable place for storing your works of authorship copies in electronic form.

"Central Euro-Asian Depository" works in accordance with the requirements of Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (July 24, 1971)

164 countries are members of the Berne Convention since 2010. The Convention rests on the principle that works originating in one of the contracting States are given the same protection in each of the other contracting States as the latter grants to the works of its own nationals.

By depositing your work in the Depository you can always confirm the date and the fact of your first publication.

The deposition of the work in the electronic Depository provides the author with an electronic link and a Certificate of Deposition in written form. The electronic link can be used any time to confirm your authorship on the deposited objects.

Electronic Depository provides protection for any production in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression, including:

-       Computer programs, databases, web applications, services;

-       Design works, logotypes, packages, etc.;

-       Books, brochures and other written works;

-       Lectures, broadcasts, homilies and other works of the kind;

-       Dramatic and dramatico-musical works;

-       Pantomimes and choreographic works;

-       Musical compositions with or without accompanying words;

-       Cinematographic works and other works expressed in the mode similar to cinematography;

-       Drawings, paintings, architectural, sculptural, engraving and lithography works;

-       Photographic works and other works expressed in the mode similar to photography;

-       Applied art works, illustrations, maps, drafts, sketches and plastic works related to geography, topography, architecture or sciences.