Legal Protection

With the development of market relations intellectual property is gaining increasing superiority in value over the actual tangible objects. Whereas physical valuables can be securely put into a safe, intellectual ones need special protection.

Professional consultants from the Anti-Counterfeit Centre, represented by Aston Alliance Consortium, can arrange proper protection of your intellectual property against unfair competition.

Anti-Counterfeit Centre offers services on legal protection at the pre-court stage of the conflict. Centre’s experts can conduct research and analysis of your rights violation evidence, present legal valuation of the infringement, and coordinate work of the executive and judicial authorities.

Anti-Counterfeit Centre will safeguard the following types of intellectual property against plagiarists and unfair competitors:

-       Trademarks, logotypes, packages, labels, titles and slogans;

-       Domain names, website program modules, computer programs and databases;

-       Industrial models, utility models and inventions;

-       Works of authorship: design, texts, pictures, video and audio materials;

-       Know-how and trade secret

Anti-Counterfeit Centre will prevent and prohibit your copyright and patent rights violation, and suppress the expansion of counterfeit goods.

Services offered by the Centre allow the rightholders of the intellectual property objects to maintain their advantages gained within the competitive environment.

Highly qualified specialists of the Anti-Counterfeit Centre and accompanying experts in various areas of science, economics and production prepare and issue expert reports. Expert committees prepare the following types of reports:

-       On the evidence of counterfeit features;

-       On the protectability compliance of the declared intellectual property object;

-       On the degree of distinction and similarity up to the extent of confusion of the intellectual property objects;

-       On the copyright / patent rights violation of the rightholders of the intellectual property objects

-       On the sanctions for illegal use of trademarks stipulated by national and international normative acts;

-       Other specific expert reports necessary upon the copyright-patent trials.