How business can benefit from IP-protection? 18.10.2018 17:16

New video from Dubai office about IP-protection system for small and medium enterprises: what is the difference between trademark & copyright, why now is possible to register any IP with worldwide recognition within 2 weeks, and many others interesting topics.



New office in United Arab Emirates 08.07.2016 09:24

Aston Alliance launched office in Dubai for intellectual property and consulting services. Now all services of Aston Alliance are also available in UAE

For the first time in Russia court shuts down private business for violating copyright laws  20.02.2013 15:32

Being a rare case in the law-enforcement practice of the Russian Federation, court examination of the case against an individual entrepreneur accused of violating copyright laws came to an end not only with the conviction, but also with the termination of the private business.

KVN and VTB become trademarks  10.02.2013 20:56

Rospatent recognized  the name of one of the largest Russian bank - VTB and abbreviation KVN as generally known trademarks

”Pirate” hosting launched in Russia 10.02.2013 20:55

Activists from Russia's unregistered Pirate Party launched a specialized web hosting service, featuring pre-moderation of users and the launch of register. New hosting site will block visitors from IP addresses belonging to government agencies and other state bodies.