UAE global innovation under strong protection 24.05.2020 07:40

UAE is now one of the leaders in the development of highly effective technologies against #COVID-19 #coronavirus, not only among Arab countries but all around the world - we are proud to present today the first innovative product: SterixGate Disinfection Cabins from SterixEco.

Our team of experts provides the most advanced and strong international legal & IP-protection from unfair competitors, supports investors to secure investments and creates a global partner licensing system.

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How business can benefit from IP-protection? 18.10.2018 17:16

New video from Dubai office about IP-protection system for small and medium enterprises: what is the difference between trademark & copyright, why now is possible to register any IP with worldwide recognition within 2 weeks, and many others interesting topics.

The full video is available here

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New office in United Arab Emirates 08.07.2016 09:24

Aston Alliance launched office in Dubai for intellectual property and consulting services. Now all services of Aston Alliance are also available in UAE.

Aston Alliance Headquarters
Dubai Silicon Valley, Business center "THUB",
DSO, Dubai, PO BOX 6009, U.A.E.
Tel.: 04 348 36 11
Mob.: +971 56 577 28 75




For the first time in Russia court shuts down private business for violating copyright laws  20.02.2013 15:32

Being a rare case in the law-enforcement practice of the Russian Federation, court examination of the case against an individual entrepreneur accused of violating copyright laws came to an end not only with the conviction, but also with the termination of the private business.

The precedent case was found by the regional court of Krasnodar satisfying the claim of Microsoft, Corel, Adobe, Autodesk, and 1C rightholders on the infringement of their copyrights by private entrepreneur Andrei Chebotarev. According to the termination charges, the defendant was engaged in selling a large number of counterfeit software of the indicated rightholders.

Since the year 2008 Russia's Civil Code is supplemented by the Article 1253 providing for the liquidation of any business engaged in repeated or gross violation of copyright laws, however in practice this clause of the Civil Code is being put into action, perhaps, for the second time at most.

It is known that last year in summer Andrei Chebotarev was sentenced to 3 years and 2 months of conditional imprisonment (probation period for 4 months more) and a fine of 350 thousand rubles imposed by the verdict of Tahtamukayski regional court of the republic of Adygea. He was charged with illegal distribution of counterfeit software and pornography disks causing a combined damage of over 7.7 million rubles. The subsequent charge occurred In November 2012, when the prosecutor of Kuban administrative district of Krasnodar filed an additional claim on terminating the activity of PE Andrei Chebotarev.

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