”Pirate” hosting launched in Russia

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”Pirate” hosting launched in Russia 10.02.2013 20:55

Activists from Russia's unregistered Pirate Party launched a specialized web hosting service, Piratehost.net featuring pre-moderation of users and the launch of register. New hosting site will block visitors from IP addresses belonging to government agencies and other state bodies.

The provocation behind the project is evident even for an unprofessional eye, since the access to the resource is blocked for civil servants only with regard to their work computers. Moreover, the pirate party offers employees of the state agencies to report on their employers by means of a special link available on the portal, which is received to user’s email. This link could serve to communicate the IP addresses of the given governmental institutions, which will afterwards fill up the register of the blocked addresses.

The pirate hosting allows its users to get a dedicated server or a virtual VPS/VDS server. The service also reportedly includes legal support against copyright claims and if the need arises, protection against DDOS attacks or other hacker activities. The hosting is a paid service with an as-yet-unannounced price structure. All revenues are claimed to be used for Pirate Party fundraising.