KVN and VTB become trademarks

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KVN and VTB become trademarks  10.02.2013 20:56

Rospatent recognized  the name of one of the largest Russian bank - VTB and abbreviation KVN as generally known trademarks.

The owners showed various proofs for confirming the popularity of the given brands. “VTB Bank” PLC presented evidence from TNS (international research group) regarding the advertising expenditures in the amount of 996 million rubles, and the “AMiK Creative Television Association” LLC (KVN owner) submitted reference from the “First channel”, disks with records and TNS ratings.

According to the current legislation there is no need to register the recognized well known trademark for all classes of goods and services. It is sufficient to prove the fact that the exploitation of the given trademark by a third party is associated exceptionally with the rightholder and, thus it may infringe upon the rights of the latter.