IP & Trademark registration in Uzbekistan

Aston Alliance is an international consortium that provides consulting services and legal protection of intellectual property.

We deal with all aspects of filing, maintenance, prosecution, licensing and litigating of patents, trademarks and copyrights and provide a full range of intellectual property (IP) services in Central Asia and CIS countries including licensing and IP management services.

In the CIS we are represented through our offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and representatives in other countries. We are also have office in Prague, which xtend our network and ensure better quality to our clients.

Today Aston Alliance is the absolute leader in Uzbekistan by number of TM registrations (monthly 100 TM registrations are applied for). Our exceptional expertise is confirmed by the absence of refusals from the state patent offices in registration of trademarks submitted by our company.

Our patent attorney – Sandjar Muminov, Ph.D. (Patent Attorney Registration in Uzbekistan No. 53) has over 12 years of legal and consulting experience with over 3500 trademarks, for which he provided various protection services.






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