Inventorization and capitalization of intangible assets is the leading line of Aston Alliance Consortium’s activities.

We will help commercialize your intellectual property and collect earnings from it!

Smart business people constantly invest in their own development. Purchasing of new equipment, technologies, personnel upgrade, intellectual developments and marketing. In most cases invested funds turn into tangible assets only. Intangible assets remain either unaccounted or accounted, but with substantial omissions or infringements.

There are two problems with accounting for intangible assets:

  1. Difficulties in understanding of intangible asset concept due to the lack of its physical existence, resulting in the missed capitalization opportunity.
  2. Specificity of intellectual property field bringing in infringements and omissions arising with efforts to report intangible assets on the balance sheet of the company, even given the highest level of accounting standards knowledge.

Our experts will correctly reveal, describe, define the value of intangible assets and bring these onto the balance sheet of your enterprise in compliance with all the legislation requirements. This will allow you to enlarge company’s assets and reduce expenses.

Inventorization and capitalization will also enhance your position on the market and ensure a stable fundament for the long-term growth of your business.