Сopyright protection

Copyright protects design, scientific, literary and artistic works resulting from creative activity and that are expressed in some objective form.

The author holds exclusive rights to exploit the work and protect it from being altered (the right of integrity of the work). In some cases free exploitation of the copyrighted work is allowed, i.e. for scientific or educational purposes, however under an obligatory condition of acknowledging the author and the reference source.

The objects of the copyright may include:

-          Logotypes, slogans, packages, designs, labels, spatial models;

-          Literary works (literary-artistic, scientific, educational, publicistic, etc.);

-          Dramatic works and other works created for the stage presentation, musical works with or without accompanying text;

-          Dramatico-musical works;

-          Choreographic works and pantomimes;

-          Audiovisual works;

-          Paintings, sculptural, graphical, design works and other works of fine art;

-          Works of applied art and scenography, architecture and town-planning works, works of landscape art;

-          Photographic works and other works expressed in the mode similar to photography

-          Geographical, geological and other maps, drafts, sketches and works related to geography, topography and other sciences;

-          Computer programs of all types including application programs and operating systems that can be expressed in any programming language and in any form including source code and compiled code