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Director of regional office  10.02.2013 19:48


Aston Alliance LLP

Pay package

1. Fixed monthly wage (depending on the work experience and results).

2. Bonuses

3. Percentage premiums and points

4. Other motivation (extra pay for appropriate appearance, etc.)




  1. Daily control over the work of the office
  2. Conclusion of contacts, bank account
  3. Facilitation in attracting new clients
  4. Accepting and firing employees
  5. Technical support of the office
  6. Setting of targets and development strategies


1. Basic administration knowledge

2. Basic knowledge in doing business, selling rules and tools

3. Good managerial skills

4. Good ability to focus attention on the set priority goals of the company.

5. Ability to find optimal solution under the condition of limited time.

6. Aspiration for transformation and innovation, willingness to take risks on your own and carry employees with you.

Work schedule


From 9.00 till 18.00, 5 days


Work-book registration

After 3 months probation period